Agriculture is a significant source of livelihood. It is the backbone for the economic development of a country. The world's population has been skyrocketing and the food production must double by 2050 to meet the demand. Feeding this growing population and preserving the diminishing natural resources is the greatest challenge faced by the world today. This requires profound and eco-friendly agricultural solutions to increase yield and productivity. Due to the inefficiency in farming operations and lack of technologies the agricultural sector is succumbing. To weather the storm, NEXT, is in the frontier of technology providing digital solutions for the framers and agri-industries to thrive.

Digital Agriculture Solutions

NEXT digital solutions hold tremendous potential to impact agricultural performance and improve the farmer’s Return on Investment (ROI). These solutions integrate with the existing infrastructure of the agricultural business process to overcome productivity stagnation and enhance farm management. The technological solutions are backed by IoT (Internet of Things) and data analytics to provide geospatial and digital farming solutions. Farmers are overwhelmed by unprecedented climate change, poor farm mapping, crop failures, and fragmented land holding. NEXT curbs all these impediments with digital technologies including geographic information systems, farm mapping, crop & soil health monitoring, and farm surveying.

Revolutionizing the Agricultural Business

As agricultural production is dwindling, the farmers are in constant search for sustainable solutions. Bearing this in mind, we leverage technology to build digital farming solutions that allow farmers and other relevant stakeholders to make smart decisions on farming. Innovative solutions are made to suit the agri-economy and to help the fluctuating agricultural growth. NEXT perceives agriculture as a business enterprise that caters the dynamic needs in the market and supports technology-led agricultural growth.

Next Inc - Agriculture

Today, technology can play a crucial role in bridging this gap. In fact, solutions that combine GIS, mobile and the cloud make real-time field insights for the management a reality.

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