Renewable Energy

Consecutive application development, maintenance and enterprise solutions for the businesses driving in the energy & utility sector. We are working closely with the energy & utility sector for creating our digital enterprise solutions.
Energy & Utility sector is encountering varied business and operational complexities. Most of the organization across the worldwide is facing difficult times due to the rise in product prices, powerful competition for the reserves, uneven demand, increasing consumer and regulatory demands, and majorly the need for new technology.
Different industry verticals facade a key highlighting point and need some changes the way IT enterprise is efficient and implemented. The renewable energy industry is particularly at hazard in this respect. Confronting more tightly edges due to falling oil costs, energy companies have set a recharged center on operational effectiveness and reduction in cost. To achieve costly and rigid technology estate, business objectives are difficult.

To help overcome the above challenges, NEXT helps organizations to optimize processes, tackle new challenges and reduce costs, with our solutions. NEXT assist the organizations to hasten the integration of operational and data innovation to upgrade efficiency, diminish downtime and drive new revenue prospect. Our solutions enable you to get the required information to the right people at the right time for intelligent decision making. In addition to delivering technical acumen, our solutions deliver the information you need for your tactical operations, financial operations, and critical analysis and optimization.

Next Inc - Solar Power
Solar Power

Our range of solutions meets requirements for the control of wind turbines, including pitch control and operational management, both tower or nacelle based.

Next Inc - Wind power
Wind power

The solar tracking systems used in both Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) installations. Our AutoTrak motion controller accurately follows the sun solution with no need for re-calibration for both single axis and dual axis systems.

Next Inc - Hydro & Tidal Power
Hydro & Tidal Power

The installation of Hydro and Tidal energy equipment turns to NEXT – EnForce for their automation solution.

Next Inc - Renewable Energy