Oil & Gas Sector

Oil and gas (O&G) companies are as of now encountering major disruption. It’s getting to be progressively difficult to discover unused sources of oil. More rigid directions are expanding limitations on the business. It’s going through a massive transformation aimed at delivering efficiency in operations without compromising safety to function effectively in a fluctuating demand and supply environment. This shift in thought would necessitate new business models and process innovation across logistics and supply chain disciplines to align with overall business priorities. Imposing the oil & gas sector to re-examine the core business capabilities, and investigate the better approaches to execute the business strategies in a dynamic & unstable market place. The digitalization of the key operational workflows in the oil & gas sector will be a critical success. The Oil & Gas Sector is going through immense change aimed at conveying effectiveness in operations without conciliation security to operate successfully in a fitful demand and supply environment. NEXT, have a vigorous and fully grown end to end services to the oil & gas sector and indeed helping them to focus on their core expertise. Our solutions to this sector will make more efficient business processes.

The upstream of the Oil and Gas sector is confronting challenges on different fronts. Tremendous growths insist for oil and gas and pushed the organizations to go for already unexplored and farther ranges. The aging workforce and resultant abilities deficiency, strict natural assurance controls and political instabilities in districts with adequate hydrocarbons are other key issues the industry is hooking with. We, at NEXT accelerating the capabilities of the digital transformation at both the strategic and operational level and impel the advancement in the business esteem recognition. In order to improve the results of the wells and its services, streamlining maintenance and turnarounds, and optimizing downstream commodity exchanging are zones where data technologies create changes in fetched diminishment and avoidance, operational uptime.

Next Inc - Data Management
Data Management

IT and Data Management support which is not a core area of an oil company is often given the least preference even though technology has provided valuable assistance to other domains in realizing the potential and enhancing value to their respective organization.

Next Inc - Regulatory and Compliance Support Systems
Regulatory and Compliance Support Systems

Work Programs are an ever critical requirement for exploration purposes. NEXT can build custom solutions centering on various licenses with regular and updated reminders to adhere to compliances and deliver up to date dashboards to monitor continuous progress of day to day operations.

Next Inc - Production Data Management System
Production Data Management System

Production Data Management System is a full-featured oil & gas production data management and reporting solution helping solve the data management challenges faced by oil & gas operators. It is a web GIS-based online Reporting System for Oil & Gas based Spatial Database. The Web GIS allows displaying multiple fields across various regions including block boundaries, area size, forest area cover, population density, etc. The Spatial database includes information on well locations, completion zones, logs, operators, lease names, tests, hydrocarbon shows, samples, cores, geologic formations, and tops.

Next Inc - Oil & Gas

NEXT has a unique advantage of possessing knowledge of Information Technology and Oil and Natural Gas industry Business and has utilized the experience in delivering critical insights to their clients. In NEXT Center of Excellence (COE) for O & G and Mining, we deliver focused decision support tools and advisory services required by companies to compete in today’s O & G and Mining sectors.