Transportation & Logistics

Digital transformation is the key to feasible accomplishment in transportation & Logistics.

Speed and timing are significant in this fast-paced world, especially for the transportation and logistics industry. Keeping this in mind, NEXT delivers a comprehensive technology in information management, supply chain management, asset tracking & management and customer relationship management. The core objective is to digitize the customer interface through innovative products and solutions. Data based automation allows transport and logistics to streamline its operations and optimize the supply chain. NEXT builds impeccable customer experience using real-time data to reduce existing business latencies and inefficiencies. The implications of digital solutions for transport & logistics are huge and we leverage technology to stay competitive and innovative.

Next Inc - Digitally-Enabled Operations
Digitally-Enabled Operations

Initiating and developing new business models to digitalize core operations will help remove supply chain inefficiencies. Data-driven solutions and advanced analytics optimize transportation operations to increase visibility & connectivity across systems. This can curb operational silos thus tightly integrating customer- focused logistics and fast cycle transportation.

Next Inc - Allied Workforce
Allied Workforce

Transport management system (TMS) and fleet management system (FMS) propagates and optimize the daily operations of the transport & logistics. Leveraged data, integrated sensors, marketing automation empowers & engages the most valuable asset-people.

Next Inc - Engaging Customer Experience
Engaging Customer Experience

Online booking system and parcel forwarding systems can engage with customers from any corner of the world. These user platforms interact with the customers providing a seamless experience to travel. Numerous applications allow customers to track & monitor their itinerary. Human interactions are leveraged by chatbots and other virtual assistants for coherent customer experience.

Next Inc - Reservation

NEXT provides a fully automated reservation management system along with mobile applications for seamless transportation. Software’s are designed to reduce the downtime for a hassle-free operating environment. The core function is to leverage information technology and digital solutions to streamline the entire reservation process. Ease of bookings from multiple channels delivers remarkable customer experience.

To succeed in exceptional competition and market
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keeping rapidity with the market and with innovation to stay relevant.

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