Low Code Platform

The Low Code Development platform is a booming trend in today’s business world. More and more vendors are providing comprehensive, sophisticated and intuitive tools for low code platform development to the market. The biggest challenge lies in identifying the optimum tool that suits the best for each organization. With NEXT Low Code Platform implementation, one can be assured of the finest tools that facilitate a visual development approach to application development.
Irrespective of the levels of experience, all developers can create applications for web and mobile through a graphic user interface that is imbibed with a model-driven logic and has inbuilt components that can be placed through drag and drop. NEXT Low Code Platform enables creating, iterating and releasing applications in a fraction of time than it takes with traditional development methods. It leverages visual modeling tools and pre-built components that facilitate a faster, easier and less code intensive way to build applications.

NEXT Low Code Platform Features

Next Inc - Drag and Drop Interfaces
Drag and Drop Interfaces

Drag and Drop Interfaces is one of the biggest factors that favor Low Code Platforms. With an easy to use User Interface, the modules can be dragged and dropped as required to create or develop the software. This signifies very little hard coding to make the modules work.

Next Inc - Visual Modeling
Visual Modeling

Visual Modeling is an intuitive technique through which we can visually represent processes and models in code before finalizing implementation. This provides a visual overview of the final output and this can serve as a guide for people who aren’t familiar with hard coding.

Next Inc - Simplified Integration
Simplified Integration

Every application, be it for business or any other purpose depends on data to emerge as a meaningful application. However data is not available at a single place, it is existing in disparate systems ranging from enterprise systems to APIs from external applications and everything in between. So data integration consumes an inexplicable amount of time and resources during enterprise application development/implementation.
With NEXT Low Code platform, a visual approach is available for developers to connect these data sources and imbibe data elements into the application directly. In addition, it also provides options to design data models and directly configure business logic. This simplified data integration approach makes NEXT Low Code platform unique amidst competitors.

Next Inc - Reusability

A big plus of NEXT Low Code Development Platform is reusability i.e. major functionalities are already pre-built into modules and based on customized requirement it can be dragged, dropped and placed wherever required. Enriched with an internal app store from which assets, modules or entire applications can be reused, NEXT Low Code Platform makes itself an indispensable solution that is way ahead of the other products in the market.

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Low Code Platform