GIS & Digital Transformation

NEXT Inc strongly believes in Digital transformation which comprises a web of connected processes and decisions. NEXT Inc understands the fact that “Everything is connected” and makes these connections viable & visible to discern its value. NEXT GEO Spatial Solution provides meaningful context through maps; a window through which different constituents can view the right data for their individual roles - and for broader, common understanding across the stakeholders and serves as the most effective framework for organizational integration. On the back end, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology links Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Records Management, Asset Management, and many other systems. On the front end, where end users and customers consume information from mobile devices, computers, and the IoT, maps provide an intuitive operating picture.
Everything happens somewhere. NEXT Inc envisages enlightening this underappreciated truth in business that takes on even greater significance when charting paths through big data on the way to fully-realized digital transformation. NEXT Inc uses GIS technology in helping the stakeholders do their work better and also in helping organizations understand and communicate in many new ways. The evolving GIS technology plays a larger role in the digital transformation of society. NEXT Inc is one of the pioneers in implementing GIS-based solutions which breaks down organizational barriers and facilitates new forms of collaboration around shared geographic information.
NEXT Inc is developing a new generation of GIS-enabled solutions based on sharing and collaboration, leveraging technology to interconnect knowledge and engage everyone. The first generation of digital transformation involved digitizing workflows and now technology is becoming ‘simultaneous.’ We are moving towards achieving interconnection of workflows. Bringing together the power of WebGIS, smart maps, Web maps, location analytics, we are merging everything together like a constellation. Web maps are becoming a common language for problem-solving. Apps are taking The Science of Where everywhere. Earth observation combined with AI and GIS is providing us with real-time intelligence. NEXT Inc., embraces this digital transformation and leverages The Science of Where for creating solutions.

Spatial Transformation - Driving Digital Transformation

NEXT’s GIaaS, a Geospatial platform adds indispensable context to everything from buying habits, to transportation patterns to industrial maintenance needs. Spatial Transformation is still an emerging phenomenon. This transformation is not about any single product, service or technology; it is the change that happens at the merging of overlapping realities in an ever-connected world. At every corner of the tech world, be it from smart cities to factories or from home automation to urbanization, the ever-evolving internet is breaking stereotypes and taking over the world. In accordance with that, a new web is emerging – a contextual, physical and spatial web which is not just an IoT (Internet of Things), but an operating system in itself.

The Four Pillars of the Spatial Transformation

  • Next Inc - Context Awareness
  • Next Inc - Responsive Environment
  • Next Inc - Hybrid Reality
  • Next Inc - Distributed Internet

Next Inc - Context Awareness
Context Awareness

Context awareness indicates devices and spaces that understand human behavior. Through artificial intelligence, different entities like rooms, buildings or even cities will respond to human activity. Based on the response, it will automatically predict needs and optimize mobility, energy grids, public services, supply chain etc.,
NEXT Inc uses Geolocation which is one of the earliest and most widespread forms of contextual awareness, and it is enabled with all sorts of location-based services. Once devices better understand human activity, a new generation of context-based services will emerge.

Next Inc - Responsive Environments
Responsive Environments

Every physical space down to the tiniest item will be addressed, making all tangible objects, a vital part of a connected environment/experience. Vehicles, furniture, appliances, architecture, signage etc., will morph and adapt to the needs, responses and values of all the people physically or virtually present in that space. Autonomous machines, ambient displays, smart materials, and sensors will play a crucial role in this.

Next Inc - Hybrid Reality
Hybrid Reality

Augmented reality, one of the most interesting technological innovations, enables hybrid tangible interactions by meshing with connected objects and turning the whole world into a volumetric display. The digital twin concept will take an entirely new dimension when the virtual representation of the object is co-located with the object itself. This, in turn, ensures that the real-time manipulation of one will affect the other and vice-versa.

Next Inc - Distributed Internet
Distributed Internet

It is highly important to have a distributed infrastructure at the heart of the physical web. Cryptographic peer-to-peer networks are the key to a distributed infrastructure and they ensure the following.

  • Data ownership retainment by users
  • A resilient and scalable system
  • Interoperability between services and devices
  • Privacy setup at the base of the system

Spatial Information Management

Spatial information will drive future prosperity, sustainability, and digital transformation

Next Inc - Bring all Data
Bring all Data

Integrate data silos and enable to access the information that is needed from one system. Data should be available to everyone, on any device, all of the time.

Next Inc - Expose Hidden Relationships
Expose Hidden Relationships

Visualize the data as layers on a map to make relationships vividly apparent. Use smart mapping tools to find the best way to represent your data. Explore the impact of adding and removing variables to identify hidden trends and patterns that are often difficult to spot.

Next Inc - Create Actionable Insight
Create Actionable Insight

Use a vast range of highly sophisticated spatial analysis tools and techniques to query your data and predict future outcomes. Empower your organization to make informed decisions based on advanced analysis and reliable insights.

Next Inc - Share Intelligence
Share Intelligence

Empower your entire organization to work off one view of the truth. Story Maps and Web Apps have become extremely popular tools for sharing interactive content in a highly engaging way. Share real-time insights to make sure every department has access to accurate data.

Next Inc - Optimize Mobile Working
Optimize Mobile Working

Maximize the productivity of your workforce by enabling them to collect and update information while out on the field. GIS mobile apps take away the need for paper processes, and saving time, and improving accuracy and reducing costs. The power of GIS enables organizations by taking advantage of their geographic data. It is a crucial tool that can help shape the world around us. Geography and GIS are becoming all pervasive used as an integrating force, thus leading to new innovative solutions.