Digital Value Creation - An Inclusive Digital Strategy

To capitalize and to equip on the upcoming transformation, organizations must focus on developing a comprehensive digital strategy. Flexibility to the change is the key and to ensure that, the systems, their frameworks, and processes must be designed with openness to adapt to constant change. Quality is a crucial component that must be embedded into processes and the systems that support them. However, this should also be imbibed with adaptability so that when the definition of quality changes, it can be easily accustomed to.

Businesses will have the liberty to iterate new experiments with minimal investment, but compliance and the comprehensive analytical view will be built in. Regardless of the nature of the organization or business, agility will be built into the standard operating procedure. All departments irrespective of its nature of functioning such as Human Resources, Legal, Customer Service etc., will be executing the digital strategy with powerful digital tools.

Though technology facilitates the emerging process of digital transformation, the transformer core will always be human. The greatest hindrance to digital transformation is none other than the resistance to change. For successful transformation, every organization must first accept that perfect storm’s power can be harnessed with ingenuity.

The Roadmap and clear vision has to be set out for the digital transformation

  • A comprehensive digital business model
  • Enriched with an intellectual capability and responding to digital change
  • Equipped with the options for digital value creation
  • Ability to devise digital opportunities through the digital change life cycle

With this, we can witness the emergence from each key vertical becoming different entity like Digital Healthcare, Digital Logistics, Digital Bank, Digital Telco’s etc.

Next Inc - Digital Value Creation - An Inclusive Digital Strategy